Fitness Roundup - Winter Edition!

Man, is it ever hard to stay active in the winter. Today I walked the half-hour to my closest pool and swam some laps. I thought about the icy wind outside, and the contrast of being wrapped up in long-johns and a parka, versus my exposed body and tropical bathing suit in the chlorinated water. It soothed my frozen bones. 


As an adult, I didn't feel the urge to swim laps until I read The Chronology of Watera memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch. You can read a review of it from Huffington Post here. It's an incredible book, one that will make you cry a lot, and maybe make you want to go swimming. Yuknavitch is a swimmer-turned-artist, and she writes about a lot of insane things that happened in her life. Whenever she sought comfort, she went to the pool. 

In water, as in booksβ€”you can leave your life.
— Lidia Yuknavitch, 'Chronology of Water'

Next time you want your body to be weightless and unhibited by 4 wool sweaters, try going for a swim. Or maybe it's not the cold that's hurting you, maybe it's your job or whatever. Try just 20 minutes of laps, followed by treading water. It cures things.

If you don't have time to go swimming this week, here are two very different, ten-minute videos to try at home:

Yoga in Bed Morning Stretch (10 Mins) - Sometimes things are better when the music is super cheesy.

Fat Blasting Dance Mix (10 Mins) - Can you smile throughout the video just like the instructor? Who cares!? My abs felt sore in a really cool way the day after this. 

Keep moving, keep spoiling yourself.