Blog Roundup

Here are a couple of my favourite blogs lately:

A Beautiful Mess: Two sisters write this vintage/decor/DIY/fashion/food blog. There are always new posts to check out and it's pretty diverse. Reading their blog definitely influenced me and this little website you're on now. They also have interesting cocktail recipes.

Oh She Glows: This is the blog that really sparked my interest in vegetables. I'm not vegan and I've never been, but a bit of wisdom I've learned is that if you don't know how to cook, try vegan or vegetarian recipes to start. The woman behind OSG really gets me, too. She has a nice balance of fresh, healthy food with warm and hearty stuff. Go lurk her. Her Crazy Woman Chocolate Blender Pudding has saved my life more than once.

Dlisted: The best celebrity gossip site in the world. Sadly, I read this more than the news. I can't really explain how good this blog is. Just go check it out.

Happy Internetting!