A life changer

There are so many things that I've been wanting to write about lately - from personal finance tips, to emotional revolutions, but I actually just haven't had time. So today I want to talk about something small that has actually changed my life.

Veggie Delivery

What is veggie delivery? Well, it's not a technical term, but basically it's a box of produce that you pick up somewhere or get delivered to your house on a regular basis. There are lots of options: organic, local, weekly, monthly, etc. You can get your box from one farm or from a company that sources from many farms. I have friends who get more than just veggies - meat, honey and eggs, too! In the winter, I get a box delivered to my house every Thursday for $45. It's organic, but not local. In the summer I get deliveries from my friend Luke's farm, which isn't a far drive from where I live. 

My first veggie delivery ever, and a special bouquet of flowers from my friend Vanessa at Sparrow Floral Design!

My first veggie delivery ever, and a special bouquet of flowers from my friend Vanessa at Sparrow Floral Design!

You automatically have fruits and vegetables in your house at all times, and you're forced to eat them before they go bad, or else you're a wasteful asshole, and this guilt will motivate you to never let kale wilt in your fridge again.

Before I had veggie delivery, my produce consumption was inconsistent. I also tended to buy the same things over and over: spring mix, sweet peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, apples, oranges, etc. 

So, how does a box of produce change a girl's life? It's so obvious, it hurts.

  1. You don't need to leave your house to buy healthy food.
  2. Your house will always have some kind of produce in it.
  3. You will develop a food rhythm. 
    • The day you get your veggies, make a feast! Eat things that wilt quickly first. If you know you won't be able to eat something before it goes bad, make soup and freeze it! On Wednesday nights, when we're usually out of produce, we like to go for dinner or make something like nachos.
  4. Try new things.
    • Celeriac, parsnips, leeks, etc. Hello!!!
  5. Share.
    • "Hey neighbour, I have so many jalapenos this week, want some?" "Sure. I'll make hot sauce and give you a jar!" True story.
  6. Save dat money.
    • My veggie box is definitely cheaper than the non-mainstream grocery store, and better quality than the mainstream grocery store.
  7. Track dat money.
    • Know exactly how much you're spending on food every week.

Are those reasons good enough? With the company I use, I can choose items that I never want in my basket, cancel at any time and put it on hold whenever I want. If you're in Ottawa, check out Ottawa Organics here. Check out CSAs and veggie box options in your area and get dem nutrients!

Do you already get a veggie box or CSA? Want to share your store, tips and recipes? Drop me a line at spoiledrottenlife@gmail.com.