Comfort Food

Seeking comfort in food is an interesting thing.

Sometimes all you want is a big bowl of cheesy macaroni with bacon and bread crumbs and all the good stuff. And there's nothing wrong with that at all, except, if you seek that kind of comfort too often, you will run into trouble, and your body will be missing out on the kind of fuel it really needs.

Learning how to make healthy comfort food has been one of the most important dietary changes I've made in the last couple of years. Your soul can't live off kale and quinoa (at least not mine). My favourite type of comfort food involves a lot of squash and pretty much anything that is the texture of baby food. Maybe your comfort food is cheese and bread. Or it could be a special recipe from your childhood, bringing you back to simpler times.

I've had comfort food on my mind ever since I read this beautiful article about toast and a woman with mental illness. Have a read here. And this isnt a suggestion. Definitely read this piece. And now I propose these questions (they won't make sense unless you read the article).

What would be in your coffee shop of life? What would your shop be called? What foods would you serve?

I would call my coffee shop Spoiled, because thats what I am. And I would serve decaf americanos and peppermint & lavender tea, because I think caffeine is BS and tea brings a calmness that nothing else can.


Most importantly, your coffee shop needs to be famous for something special. For my little place, it would be homemade apple sauce.

You should probably make some. Its so simple, and is worlds away from what you would buy in a store. The first time I made my own apple sauce, my heart felt warmth, and love, and gooeyness. 

Here's how you make apple sauce:


2-4 apples, peeled, cored, cubed


2-3 cups of water

1 tbs cinnamon 

Tiny splash of vanilla (optional)


Put everything in a covered pot on low heat. You want the water to almost cover the apples, but not quite. 


Leave 'em on there for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Near the end you'll want to be on standby and stirring more frequently to make sure it doesn't burn. If things get too thick, add water.

Once they seem cooked enough and are a bit brown, let them cool. I whazzed them in my food processor but you could use an immersion blender or just mash them.

Sometimes I eat this in the morning, but lately Ive been making it late at night, when Im feeling cozy and warm. Im sure I have a deeper sleep when I eat this before bed.

Next time Im going to try this with a pear tossed in there! Have you made variations on apple sauce?

And the final question to ask yourself... What would your coffee shop be famous for?