How to: Make your own Frame Pad with Mallet Straps

Anyone can make this frame pad! A machine is not required, but be prepared for a bit of labour if you're sewing this by hand. What makes this frame pad special is that the straps hold 6+ mallets (or a huge baguette?) with an easy loading system, and there's no velcro on the straps so this guy should last you for a while. This one is for my friend Ngaihon!

Strap measurements.

Once you've pinned it, flip it over and this it what is should look like.

Zigzag stitch.

Re-inforced straps.

View of the underside (cotton side).

Add your flair.

With no mallets - just tuck in loose straps.

Connect your straps but leave 'em loose. Load in all your mallets and let them dangle.

Cinch it up and this is what you get! So easy. So not awkward to load.

So easy. So not awkward to load.


What You'll Need:

  1. Fabric: (2x) 16cm x 44cm
    • I used Cordura for the top and cotton for the bottom. Use whatever you've got that's close to these two.
  2. Velcro: 2.5cm x 43cm each of Hook & Loop
  3. Foam (not pictured): 10cm x 42cm
    • I used this yellow stuff from MEC. Again, use whatever you've got. Sometimes when I'm in a bind I'm tempted just give my yoga mat a trim...
  4. Straps: (2x) 36cm & (2x) 15cm
    • I used 2cm-wide straps from MEC that you can buy in bulk for super cheap in their climbing section. You can use whatever width and material you want.
  5. Cinchers: (2x) Is that the technical name for these? Just make sure they fit the width of your straps. 
  6. Scissors
  7. Ruler of some kind
  8. Sewing stuffs
  9. Additional items for flair (recommended)

Step 1: Straps

  • Melt the edges of your straps with some kind of fire so that the edges don't fray.
  • Loop about 3cm of the 15cm strap through the top part of the cincher (the bar that is set back a bit). 
  • Sew strap shut around the cincher. Doesn't need to be exact. Repeat so you have two identical cinching straps.

Step 2: Lay it out and Pin it up

  • Lay your outer, thicker fabric face down.
  • Put the lighter fabric directly on top.
  • Pin your two straps on one of the wide sides, sandwiched between the two fabrics, about 5cm from the edges.
  • Place the longer strap on the bottom, shorter strap with the cinch on top. Make sure your cinch is facing the right direction - just follow the pic!

Step 3: Sew

  • If you're using a machine, use a wide zigzag stitch. I put mine at max width and medium length.
  • If you're sewing by hand, use an overcast stitch. Super simple and looks like this:
  • Sew around 3 sides of your frame pad, leaving one of the short sides open. Reinforce your straps - there will be lots of pressure on those later.

Step 4: Velco

  • Sew your velcro on so that the hook side (scratchy!) is on the same edge as the straps, on the underside (Cotton side).
  • Sew the loop (softy!) on the top side (canvas) of the frame pad, on the opposite edge as the straps.

Step 5: Foam Padding

  • Slide your padding in. You may need to trim it a bit. Once the padding was in, I sewed on line straight down the middle to secure the foam, but that's optional.

Step 6: Sew Shut and Add Flair

  • Using the same stitch as before, sew your open edge shut.
  • Add whatever flair you want - patches, blah blah. You may want to do this first if you're not using a machine, but I like doing it after just to secure everything inside a lil bit.


  • Everything in this can be modified to suit your needs. Straps too long? Trim 'em. Make the whole frame pad longer or shorter or wider. Go for it!
  • This is my first sewing tutorial. It's harder to write instructions than you'd think. If you have any questions, or feedback on how this could be more comprehensive, let me know!

Finished Product

I really think this design is the best for securing mallets to your bike. Mainly because you don't need to hold all the mallets with one hand as you fasten them to your bike with the other. They just chill there as you load em' up! I hope you try this out and spoil yourself with something that will definitely make your life easier.