Internet Fitness

My argument against conventional fitness classes:

  • Working out in front of strangers sucks.
  • Transporting yourself to a different place just to work out sucks.
  • Fitness coaches can be weird. Have you ever been to a Crossfit class? Terrifying.
  • They can be expensive.
  • Classes are long. Who can do yoga for 3 hours a week?
  • They can be intimidating.

My argument for Internet/home fitness:

  • It's generally free.
  • It takes way less time out of your day and thus easier to stick to.
  • You can space workouts throughout the day. (15 minutes of wake-up yoga, 15-minutes of pre-sleep yoga)
  • You can do any type of class, anytime. Try something new for five minutes! Maybe you'll hate it, or maybe you'll become a Zumba instructor.
  • Your awareness rests only on yourself. No focus on people around you and their judging eyes.
  • True motivation comes from within.

This is not to say that having a coach isn't extremely valuable. It is. I would recommend going to a formal class every once in a while just to make sure you're not doing everything wrong.

Doing fitness classes at home has improved my life so much. Every week, I'll share with you my favourite videos! Here's my weekly round-up! 

Sadie Nardini holds a special place in my heart. I love love love her. She's super motivational and her videos are really made for people doing them alone at home. Lots of instruction. And she's funny and talks about her bangs and stuff.