Weekly Roundup: Free Fitness!

Here's what I've been sweatin' and stretchin' it out to this week:

Core Fantastic with Kim Wilson (24 Mins) - Man, this is my favourite ab workout ever! Do this when you're feeling like you need a bit of a burn. She talks about almond milk lattes somewhere in the middle, and it's cute.

Morning Yoga with Ekhart Yoga (16 Mins) - Every time I do Ekhart Yoga, I feel so energized and amazing afterwards and I never really know why. Their classes are smooth and well-constructed. Plus Esther has the most soothing voice ever.

Morning Yoga for Flexibility with Tara Stiles (7 Mins) - If you've never done yoga with Tara Stiles, you should. She's really straight forward and has a ton of really short videos. This is a great snippet if you're short on time, or like me, have tons of time, but don't feel like exercising for more than ten minutes. Yep. Better to do something than nothing!  Also, I will probably do this video on Christmas morning on my iphone before I go downstairs to the chaos. Betcha it'll make my day that much better!

Anybody have any favourite fitness videos to share? Do you do yoga or work out during the holidays?