Rob Biddle's Bike Bag

Update: Bicycle Travel Bags are now available to order in the shop!

Since the first bike bag prototypes, I've given them a bit of a redesign and upped the quality of the materials. The first of these is a gift for my dear friend, Rob Biddle. More on that later.





-Made with 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura

-Lining is Atlast 10oz vinyl

-#10 YKK Vision Zipper with metal slider

-This one is made to fit a 56cm frame and 700c wheels. Each bag is custom-made

-Should fit all your stuff, but maybe not your helmet

-This bag is laced with cat hair




It looks like a moustache when unzipped.





There are two 30x30cm slots, one on each side of the bag, to add whatever type of padding you'd like to protect the pointy bits of your wheels and also so you don't get holes in the bag. You can use foam or thin plastic or bicycle polo tournament shirts. Your choice.




The zipper is protected with a flap. Essential if you're flying with this puppy. Exposed zippers get wrecked when you fly.




And finally, it folds up into a pretty small bundle of joy!


These guys will be available for custom order for $150 CDN in the new year. Lots of colours will be available for the outside and lining, and every bag will be custom-made just for you. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or e-mail me at



Now, to Rob Biddle, the recipient of this bag. This guy is one of the best. He and his girlfriend, Lori, have driven me and Alexis all over North America. We've walked through the redwoods, drank nutcrackers on Coney Island (google it), squealed at the seals in Santa Cruz (well, Lori did), biked around Stanley Park, had photoshoots on Miami Beach, slept in shitty hotel rooms, and so much more. Everything I just listed happened in 2013! And none of it would have happened if it weren't for this dude.

So, my dear friend, I hope this bag goes with you to as many places as you've taken me. I love you Rob! Merry Christmas!