Bike Bags

Well, I finally, finally made bike bags. It's something I've been wanting to do forever but was too lazy/scared to try. I also never really had a solid game plan. But after a pep talk from a pal, and learning how to take my fork off myself, I went for it. It was so satisfying. Almost like getting promoted at a pretend job, or an A+ on an assignment that truly came from the heart. 

Anyway, here's the dealio with the bags:

-Everything comes off except for the crank

-They're made from 2 layers of Fabricland's plastic-coated canvas. So, strong but not impenetrable. I put foam around my dropouts and wrapped my head tube in a frame pad. Those airline guys like to fuck around and throw shit big time (c'est la vie), so don't expect this bag to be birthed out of the oversized baggage hole completely unscathed.

-Sewn with outdoor grade thread

-Custom-made to fit different frame sizes to be snug. You don't want anything jingling around.

-If you play polo, this bag should fit your mallets unless you're a freako with crazy long ones. Is your mallet longer than the distance between your dropouts and head tube? Then let me know when you order.

-Should fit all your clothes and shoes for a regular polo trip, but probably not your helmet.

What I really wanted was to make something that makes packing your bike up drunk in a bus station or airport super easy. I think these should only be made in dark neutrals like black, brown and navy so as to keep the lowest profile when you're checking in for a flight (and avoid those baggage fees). 

So my plan for the next bit is to tweek the design a bit so that they're super super easy to pack. I'm going to use a longer zipper that probably will go around the outside, and I'm going to protect the zipper with a flap. Otherwise shit it tiiiiiight! 

P.S. Sorry for the iPhone pic. I'll start using my normal camera soon!